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What your yearly taxes pay for (assuming a 50K salary):


  • $3.98 for natural disaster relief through FEMA
  • $6.96 for welfare
  • $22.88 for unemployment
  • $36.82 for food stamps through SNAP
  • $43.78 for retirement/disability for government workers (civilian/military)
  • $235.81 for YOUR Medicare
  • $247.75 for defense
  • and $4,000.00 for corporate subsidies

Are you sure you are pissed off at the right people?

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Founded in 2007 by James Balog, the Extreme Ice Survey (eis) is an innovative, long-term photography project documenting climate change with 28 cameras deployed at 13 glaciers throughout the world.

Each camera takes about 8000 photos a year, which are edited into stunning time lapse videos that reveal the pace and effects of climate change. Balog and EIS were the focus of the 2012 documentary, Chasing Ice.

1. Columbia Glacier, Columbia Bay, Alaska - 2006 and 2012. The glacier has lost two miles of ice in six years, and the rate of its retreat is accelerating. since 1980 it has diminished vertically an amount equal to the height of New York’s Empire State Building, and has retreated 13 miles.

2. Stein Glacier, Switzerland - 2006 and 2012. If the trend of hotter and drier summers persists in the high country, many alpine glaciers could lose as much as 75 percent of their bulk by century’s end or even vanish, imperiling the region’s water supply.

3. Bridge Glacier, British Columbia - 2009 and 2012. Retreating roughly five feet a day during melt season, the 10.5 mile Bridge Glacier suffers both lower snowfall in winter and hotter temperatures in summer.

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The River of Myths by Hans Rosling | #BillsLetter by GatesFoundation

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